hansgrohe Brand Expands its Product Range in the Areas of Shower Drains and Wall Niches

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  • No more compromises when designing the personal dream shower: with new additions to the shower drain and wall niche ranges, hansgrohe offers attractive product solutions that perfectly match the finish and design of the premium brand’s shower and faucet lines and accessory systems.

The new hansgrohe RainDrain Compact and RainDrain Allround, expand the shower drain range with two choices with easy installation especially for renovation. RainDrain Brilliance and Point are two new point drains that impress with height adjustability frames and a variety of finishes. The hansgrohe XtraStoris range is enriched by two elegant design variants for storing toilet accessories.

hansgrohe RainDrain Compact and RainDrain Allround

RainDrain Compact is a flexible and ultra-flat solution for renovation projects with a low installation height of only 43 millimeters. The shower drain is delivered as a complete set. The various length dimensions offer further flexibility. RainDrain Compact can be individually tiled with the personal dream tile and thus blends harmoniously into the overall look of the bathroom. The new product is also available in a Brushed Stainless Steel finish.

hansgrohe RainDrain Compact is a flexible and ultra-flat solution for renovation projects with a low installation height. Image credit: hansgrohe

RainDrain Allround is the name of the complete set from the premium brand hansgrohe. It consists of two siphons including a pre-assembled sealing membrane, which covers the entire wet area. Thanks to the quick and easy accessibility of the siphon, all RainDrain products are particularly convenient to clean. The shower drain is also available in lengths of 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 and 120 centimeters. The timeless look in Brushed Stainless Steel perfectly matches hansgrohe shower lines in high-quality chrome.

RainDrain Allround_ this is the complete set that covers the entire shower area. Image credit: hansgrohe

hansgrohe RainDrain Brilliance and RainDrain Point

Maximum flexibility in matching the tile is offered by RainDrain Brilliance. The point drain has a height-adjustable frame and grate. This makes installation and floor-level alignment with the tile particularly convenient. RainDrain Point offers a high-quality drain system even on a small budget in a variety of tileable or matte black finishes, as well as the popular brushed stainless steel finish. They are available in two different sizes (100 mm by 100 mm, 150 mm by 150 mm). The new hansgrohe point drains also come with a pre-assembled sealing membrane. For an easy installation, the siphon can easily be shortened.

Maximum flexibility in matching the tile is offered by RainDrain Brilliance. Image credit: hansgrohe

hansgrohe XtraStoris for toilet accessories. Image credit: hansgrohe

hansgrohe XtraStoris for Toilet Accessories

Eye-catchers that people like to hide: The practical and elegant wall niches cleverly make the toilet brush and toilet paper holder disappear into the wall. The new hansgrohe XtraStoris storage solutions blend almost completely into the wall of the personal dream bathroom or toilet thanks to Matte White, Matte Black and Brushed Stainless Steel finish.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

Clean drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce. Do your bit to save water. You can start by retrofitting your tap and shower mixers at home with Hansgrohe EcoSmart technology.

Visit the Hansgrohe Showroom in Johannesburg to see the RainDrain products in action.

Find a Hansgrohe Retail Store near you . Hansgrohe is present in South Africa, Madagascar, Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, Seychelles, Mauritius, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Zambia.

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