‘Hans Factor’ – hansgrohe Dedicated to Environmental Change

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  • All over the world, governments, environmentalists and social activists are making an urgent appeal to organisations and the public at large to embrace environmental responsibility; to decelerate climate change, save our most precious resources – most importantly, water – and to help herald in a greener world for generations to come.
  • Invention and responsibility have gone hand-in-hand with hansgrohe over the last 120 years.
  • This approach is affectionately referred to internally as the “Hans Factor” – taking its name from hansgrohe’s environmentally concerned founder, Hans Grohe.

hansgrohe is built on multifaceted ideas. It is about more than just attractive designs of water bearing products. For the last 120 years, invention and responsibility have gone hand-in-hand. This approach is affectionately referred to internally as the “Hans Factor” – taking its name from hansgrohe’s environmentally concerned founder, Hans Grohe.

The green innovator’s heart that beats in everyone at hansgrohe, in the interest of a better future – for us, our children and our planet. Since its inception, hansgrohe has been driven by an ethos that puts the environment first, embracing the green mindset and creating products that conserve water and energy. At hansgrohe, responsibly manufactured products are just the beginning. Driving long-term environmental consciousness – both internally and with customers – is the ultimate goal.

As a “champion of the value of water”, hansgrohe is not just about high-end design and luxurious water experiences, they are a “green” company from top to bottom. hansgrohe is truly inventive when it comes to saving water and energy. And internally, the green mindset is a way of life that drives employees to innovate every day. Care for the environment is lived and breathed. It is a philosophy that shapes the company’s quest for design and quality. For example, using local suppliers in its processes both protects the ecosystem and supports local economies, and green building is of the utmost importance at hansgrohe’s bases of operations.

The people at hansgrohe embrace change and new ideas, “growing” greener products organically from within. Over its many years, hansgrohe’s Black Forest bathroom specialists in Germany have developed a collection of products that are purely geared to save water and energy, and they continue to do so today. One of the most recent additions to hansgrohe’s collection is the EcoSmart range of taps, overhead showers and handheld showers that are designed to save both water and costs on energy costs.

hansgrohe EcoSmart showers and taps consume up to 60% less water than conventional fittings. And the lower hot water consumption reduces energy usage. For South Africans in the midst of both an energy and water crisis, responsible design doesn’t get any better. And in the bigger picture, fewer carbon dioxide emissions are simply far better for the environment. So, EcoSmart is good for both the world and your wallet.

You will see the difference in your water and energy bills when you install an EcoSmart fitting in your home. But despite flow limitation, which limits water consumption, there is no compromise on comfort. You’ll get a full, bubbling jet of water every time, thanks to specially designed air flow.

The next generation of bathrooms will shine, through world-class design and experiences, pointing to a future where responsibility meets stylish functionality, with no compromise on wellness, comfort, or luxury.

hansgrohe is passionate, not only about cutting-edge design, but also about saving the world, one drop of water at a time. This philosophy is the very heart of every product that comes out of the Black Forest headquarters. And it is setting a trend on a global scale.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

Visit the hansgrohe Showroom in Johannesburg to see their full range of tap and shower mixers in action.

Find a hansgrohe Retail Store near you. Hansgrohe is present in South Africa, Madagascar, Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, Seychelles, Mauritius, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Zambia.

Plumbers have no comebacks when they fit hansgrohetap and shower mixers with EcoSmart technology.


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