H2-Industries Signs MoU with Terra Sola Group to Develop Hydrogen Power Projects in Africa

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  • H2-Industries has signed a MoU with the Swiss-based developer of integrated renewable energy projects, Terra Sola Group.
  • The agreement supports Terra Sola’s development of tailor-made, large-scale integrated solar energy programmes for selected countries across Africa using H2-Industries liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) technology.
  • The tech provides solutions for the storage and release of electrical power for export, use as a local industrial feedstock, or for grid stabilisation and/or off-grid power availability.

The multi-million US dollar cooperation is aimed at accelerating the transition of local industries to renewable energy, driving electrification, and boosting socio-economic development in these selected countries.

Terra Sola, through its Algeria-based development arm Terra Sola PV Production Algérie, is active in more than 17 African countries with a combined project pipeline of more than 10 GW installed solar capacity, combined with various socio-economic benefits for their host countries, such as education and job-creation programmes, and the localisation of industrial production and knowledge transfer.

H2-Industries LOHC technology plays a vital role in these integrated programmes due to its unique technological and economic advantages. With its innovative technology, H2-Industries can convert power from renewable energies (solar, wind, hydro) into hydrogen, store and transport it in LOHC and then release it for power generation (via fuel cell) in any location or for direct use in industry and/or mobility sectors, on-grid, or off-grid.

Several project plans are currently in the final negotiation stages with the respective government authorities of the target markets. The implementation of the first project commencement is anticipated for 1Q23.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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