Green Your Home completes the first ever Hycube installation in Africa.

The installation was successfully completed at house ‘J’ situated in the upmarket Nkonyeni Golf Estate in Swaziland. The Hycube, a combined inverter lithium-ion battery bank manufactured in Germany, offers the latest technology in the home energy storage market.

After due diligence was conducted by studying existing use, home lifestyle patterns  and the general design of the owners house, a 3 Kw solar array was and the Hycube E-compact 7.2 Kwh storage system was specified. Designated power points were identified inside the house by the family that are critical to maintaining the home living experience in the event of a power failure. These points included the fridge/freezer, TV room, garage and gate motors, certain LED fitted lights plus plug points for phone and laptop charging. The wires for these points were then pulled and connected to the exclusive Hycube DB board installed alongside the existing main DB board.


The solar array consists of 12 x 260 Watt Canadian Solar Quartech solar panels which were mounted on the northerly oriented roof section. The panels have a 25year performance warranty. Hycube eliminates the hassle of a large external battery bank and separate inverter. It looks so good, it can even be installed inside the house. It is quite literally a ‘connect and use’ system which does not require any maintenance. The system is Wi-Fi monitored and comes with a full 10year warranty. This means is no more hulking big, maintenance intensive, toxic lead acid alkaline battery banks taking up valuable space in your garage. More importantly, you don’t have to make costly battery bank replacements every 4 to 5 years.


Green Your Home is an appointed distributor/installer of the Hycube range. Contact us for a quote for a Hycube system for your home.

Green Your Home is a division of Green Building Africa. 

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