GoodWe Unveils EcoSmart Home Solution at InterSolar

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  • During Intersolar Europe 2022 in Munich this month, GoodWe showcased its most up-to-date products portfolio of Solar PV, Energy Storage Solutions (ESS), and Smart Energy Manangement (SEMS) solutions to be applied in multiple scenarios.

Green, Smart and Effective

GoodWe EcoSmart Home is a range of smart solar-based technologies that meet your home’s unique power needs in an eco-friendly, sustainable way. With inverter at the core, it is equipped with three key components – the PVBM, the smart ESS with EV Charger and the Smart Energy Management System to build the intelligent power ecosystem. From power output, to storage, to management, it’s time to redefine green energy your way.


It’ s more than a roof

GoodWe also develops branded PVBM products. The so-called PV Building Materials reveals its two core attributes – building material and electronics, which requires the sophisticated technologies. Featured with AFCI 2.0, RSD, Type II SPD and Earth Leakage Prevention, its electrical safety is interpreted thoroughly, enhancing the stability of the whole home system. At the same time, it is a structural safe roof with high-level of Waterproof, Fire Prevention and Wind Uplift Resistance. Adhering to its craftsmanship spirit, GoodWe PVBM are highly sophisticated products focusing on the system safety, aesthetically. Its application in villas, hotels and communities has been more and more common to see.


Most advanced energy storage solution for you

ESS remains the hot topic and  GoodWe is a deep-rooted ESS solution provider with long-term research in the segment. Powered by GoodWe storage inverter plus battery, monitored by SEMS, independent self-consumption comes true in every household. Eco Smart Home combined with the BIPV, Storage, EV Charger & smart monitoring can further increase the ratio of self-consumed green electricity, building the intelligent power ecosystem.

Another star which gained a lot of attention is the ET 30K and ETC 100K which is the dark horse in the C&I storage sector, providing higher input current and guaranteeing electricity security.

About GoodWe

GoodWe is a world-leading PV inverter and energy storage systems manufacturer listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 688390). The company has more than 3,000 employees located in 20 different countries and a team of over 600 engineers working at its R&D centers to continuously optimize and advance energy storage technology. GoodWe storage inverters were ranked No. 1 globally by Wood Mackenzie in 2020, with over 15% market share, and the company was ranked one of the world’s Top 10 inverter suppliers by IHS Markit. Having achieved over six consecutive TÜV Rheinland “All Quality Matters” awards and consistently being ranked at the top in terms of overall product quality, GoodWe’s comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions for residential, commercial, and utility-scale PV systems is guaranteed to deliver high performance and reliable quality across the board. For more information, please visit

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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