GoodWe Rebrands, Highlighting Role of Smart Tech in Transforming the Future of Energy

  • Global and high quality inverter manufacturer, GoodWe, has refreshed its brand in line with the evolution of the global new energy space, emphasizing on collaboration and digitalization.
  • At the core of this new brand identity is GoodWe’s commitment to harnessing smart tech to drive the global energy transition and bring about a more sustainable future for all
  • The GoodWe solar inverter range offers high quality solutions for residential and commercial rooftops, industrial and utility scale systems from 0.7kW to 250kW. 

GoodWe considers technological innovation a key brand pillar, and so both its new logo and the accompanying brand slogan “Smart Energy Innovator” were rebranded to bring out this high-tech identity. The new logo will be officially launched January 7–8, 2022. Following that, new product designs will incorporate the new logo, highlighting the innovative brand identity behind the products.

GoodWe HT Series Inverter.Image credit: GoodWe

As a smart energy innovator, GoodWe has committed itself to innovating around net-zero-enabling technologies, and digital interconnection is a key tenet of its vision for the future of new energy. The company has made it its goal to provide complete and integrated solutions in digitalized new energy. It has made significant investments in the research and development of products and systems that operate intelligently and efficiently, and are able to ultimately increase the productivity, safety, cost, and sustainability of energy systems.

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GoodWe has also revamped its website and adopted a cleaner look that is optimized to offer site visitors a smooth, user-friendly experience. GoodWe’s brand personality has also been redefined and now emphasizes a brand identity that is “Strong, capable, and reputable.” This new identity reflects the brand’s core values of professionalism and reliability.

Collaboration and sharing are also part of GoodWe’s core values, and that is why it has set out to build communities in sustainable energy that are able to deliver value to all its key stakeholders, while creating a sustainable future for the Earth, Humanity, and Future generations.

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GoodWe CEO and founder Daniel Huang has emphasized that, “GoodWe is determined to become a major driving force in the global energy transition, and global efforts to build a sustainable future.” This mission is guided by the company’s ultimate vision of driving the world’s smart energy transition.

A rendering of GoodWe’s new company headquarters in the Suzhou High-Tech Zone in Jiangsu. Image credit: GoodWe

On January 8, 2022, GoodWe will hold a ground-breaking ceremony for its new company headquarters in the Suzhou High-Tech Zone in Jiangsu. The headquarters — which will extend 20 floors above ground and 3 floors underground — are a major investment, set to feature smart tech and house a smart energy R&D facility where some of the company’s PV product and technology research will be conducted.

GoodWe’s rebrand delivers a cleaner and more streamlined look, in spirit with its commitment to help its customers transition to cleaner, more streamlined products and energy systems that deliver on efficiency. The brand sees smart tech as a critical tool in the transformation of the global energy space, and has committed itself to developing smarter and more efficient energy solutions that help meet the energy needs of the future so as to realize the shared global net-zero goals.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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