Global Solar Distributor Sets up in Cape Town

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  • 2019 was a year full of challenges for the Krannich Group.
  • Besides 3 new subsidiaries in Europe, the global solar distributor set foot on the African continent, more precisely Cape Town in the very south of Africa. 
  • Krannich Group is one of the leading photovoltaic distributors worldwide.
  • The owner-managed and self-financed company offers a wide range of products for PV installers which includes solar panels, inverters, mounting structures and solar PV installation monitoring. 

South Africa came as the right choice for the further expansion of the Krannich Group. The energy sector in the country faces many issues, besides a constant increasing electricity price, systematic partial shutdowns in the grid (load shedding) have again been occurring since December 2018. Thus, in a country blessed with sunshine, private households, and commercial enterprises started showing a high interest in photovoltaic systems.

The local branch manager, Wadood Ahmad, is pleased with the outcomes of this first year: “We have had a challenging, but overall successful year in South Africa. We have managed to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic as strong as before, if not even stronger. I would like to say thank you to all our customers and business partners for their support. I am looking forward to an even more fruitful PV-business post- COVID-19.”

The goals for the next months are already set, the branch is focusing on expanding outside of Cape Town, particularly in Gauteng, making its products more readily available and allowing them to be even more competitive in the region. Further strengthening relations with their trusted suppliers AXITEC, BYD, Suntech, K2 Systems, GoodWe, and SMA. Krannichs’ energetic and enthusiastic marketing and sales team will continue to arrange regular webinars, which enable them to pass on their invaluable knowledge about new products and developments in the industry to their valued customers.

Author: GBA News Desk

Source: Krannich Group


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