Germany Provides €15 million for HySHiFT Green Hydrogen Project in South Africa

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  • German Vice Chancellor and Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Robert Habeck, has announced a €15 million subsidy for chemicals company Linde in support of the HySHiFT pilot renewable hydrogen project next to Sasol’s Petrochemical plant in Secunda, South Africa.

The HyshiFT Consortium is a global collective of companies working together to produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel, known as E-Kerosene. The four stakeholders – Linde, Sasol, Enertrag, and Hydregen – are all part of the same story, which is a collaboration to create and use green hydrogen for the production of aviation (jet) fuel. Each company contributes their own expertise within the renewable sector: Enertrag produces renewable power from wind and solar resources, Linde produces green hydrogen and Sasol converts these two inputs into green aviation fuel through its FT reactor.

Sasol’s Synfuels plant in Secunda, South Africa, is reportedly the largest single-source point of emissions on the planet. Image credit: Sasol

The type of sustainable aviation fuel that the Consortium will produce is known as PTL- Kerosene. This fuel aims in future to provide the aviation industry with a more sustainable fuel source. The aviation industry – especially long-haul flights – do not currently have feasible carbon neutral energy solutions and producing a sustainable liquid fuel (PtL Kerosene) is therefore the only currently feasible approach. HyshiFT’s target is to produce 50,000 tons/day of PtL Kerosene, which could fuel 2 flights between Germany and South Africa per day.

The HySHiFT partners want to construct a 200 MW electrolyser and 450 MW of renewable electricity. A 40 MW electrolyser is planned for the project’s first phase, which will be supported by BMWK finance.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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