Gabon to Commission a 400kWp Solar PV/Diesel Hybrid

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  • Construction works at the Ndjolé hybrid power plant in Gabon is in full swing.
  • The 400kWp solar PV/diesel generator hybrid system is located in Middle-Ogooué province in western Gabon.
  • The plant is being built by Ausar Energy, a subsidiary of the French group Engie, which is working on behalf of the Gabonese Deposit and Consignment Fund (CDC).

According to Edgard Moukoumbi, CDC’s director of energy, the CDC will finance and own the plant under a 15 year power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Energy and Water Company of Gabon (SEEG). The electricity will be supplied to the transformer station via a 500-metre-long medium-voltage line. The new plant is expected to be commissioned at the end of the month.

The Ndjolé power station is one of a series of hybrid projects that the CDC is carrying out in this Central African country. In all, eight power plants will be built in Gabon. With a capacity of 850 kW, the largest will be built in the city of Bitam. The others will be installed in Makokou, Ovan, Mékambo, Booué (in the Ogooué Ivindo province), Minvoul and Medouneu (in the Woleu Ntem province).

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

Solar PV/Diesel Hybrid Systems will be a hot topic at the Africa France Summit taking place in Bordeaux in 4-6th June 2020.


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