France to Sponsor 1000 African Entrepreneurs to attend the Africa-France Summit

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  • France in partnership with Digital Africa, will give 1 000 African entrepreneurs the opportunity to participate in the Africa-France Summit in Bordeaux, France, from June 4 to 6 next year.
  • During the summit, French President Emmanuel Macron will welcome leaders and stakeholders from across Africa.
  • The Summit will focus on tailor-made solutions and concrete partnerships for sustainable cities.

“By combining political vision, business expertise, ethical investment and civil contribution the best projects emerge – sustainable projects. The upcoming Africa-France Summit 2020 is the place to show how it is done,” said Secretary General of the Africa-France 2020 Stéphanie Rivoal, yesterday in Pretoria.

The winners of the Challenge of 1 000, along with other entrepreneurs, will be able to present their new ideas, projects or companies at the summit in order to seek funding and new partners.

The selection of contractors will meet the following criteria:

  • Being an African entrepreneur, having an activity related to one of the 7 districts of The City of Solutions
  • Gender Parity
  • Geographical balance of origin of Contractors
  • Balance of themes on the 7 districts (Access to essential services, Feeding the cities, Building and enhancing the city, Moving around the city / visit the city, Living in the city, Financing and structuring projects, Connecting the city)
  • To be the bearer of an innovative or duplicable solution, at a lower cost and a strong impact to make French and African cities more sustainable from an environmental and social point of view
  • Be registered on the Digital Africa platform.

Interested candidates can apply before January 31, 2020. Click here to apply

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

An initiative by French President, Emmanuel Macron, the  Africa France Summit will be the largest investment summit of its kind between Africa and France. The theme is ‘Sustainable Cities’ and South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa,  will lead a 30 strong delegation to the summit. There will be over 50 other African heads of state in attendance. It is the first of a kind event combining both the public and private sector in a ‘Sustainable City’ designed exhibition plus summit. It is an Africa/France but also an Africa/Africa summit. The scope and scale is unprecedented.



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