Expect robust dialogue on Africa’s energy sector at Enlit Africa 2024

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  • Enlit Africa runs from 21-23 May 2024 at CTICC, Cape Town.
  • Decisions affecting the prosperity and future of Africa must be made in Africa.
  • Expect robust dialogue on ‘ACTION’, not just conversation regarding finance, the energy transition, smart energy, alternative power, and project bankability.
  • Prioritising water and power innovation is key to Africa’s growth.

Enlit Africa turns the African energy conversation into tangible action. It is time for countries across the continent to lead the narrative from within, ensuring decisions around the future of the continent are made by those who live on it. At the event, thought leaders and experts gather to discuss how Africa can catalyse a sustainable transition while forging new connections, gaining invaluable insights, and making a case for realistic change.

“The African energy transition faces significant and legacy hurdles that impede radical transformation at speed, however, it is time to empower African countries to make their own choices around energy and their future,” says Chanelle Hingston, Event Director, Enlit Africa. “At this event, there are speakers, thinkers and decision-makers coming together to talk about the reality of Africa’s energy and water challenges. The goal is to create actionable insights that drive measurable change for the continent across two key priorities – water and power.”

This commitment is reflected throughout the agenda. A keynote focusing on a framework designed to determine how easily a country can make its energy transition based on the infrastructure, policies and projects it currently has in place; a discussion focused on the role of gas to power and its value to Africa – a contentious discussion that has complex roots and repercussions; and the multifaceted world of financing in Africa’s power and water sectors across bankable projects, bridging the gap and keeping it local.

In addition, the event’s attendee list includes well-known decision-makers and thought leaders who can provide relevant and informed answers to pressing questions. This allows for clarity in thinking and forward planning to ensure the networking and conversations at the event ignite real and relevant change. Some of the key names at the event include Geordin Hill-Lewis, Executive Mayor, City of Cape Town, Barry MacCall, Electric Power Institute (EPRI) and Sabine Dal’Omo, CEO of Siemens South Africa; also, representatives from Eskom, GE, Actom, the DMRE, SAPVIA and Western Cape Government, to name just a few. Confirmed to attend are representatives from some of the following utilities: Botswana Power Corporation, Cenored, Electricidade de Mozambique (EDM), Electricity Company of Ghana, Lesotho Electricity Company, NAWEC, Transmission Company of Nigeria and ZESCO. Visit our website to get a full list of the confirmed utility attendees.

From Kenya to Uganda to South Africa, attendees bring insights from across the continent to discussions that empower Africa.

“In considering Africa’s energy future, it is essential to ensure that decisions are guided by a collaborative effort that respects the unique perspectives and needs of the continent. It is imperative to prioritise African voices and innovations in addressing the challenges of climate change, the promotion of renewable energy, and the complexities surrounding gas-to-power initiatives. By empowering Africa and incorporating its insights, the energy transition can be more effectively and sustainably managed.”

It is this sustainability that the Enlit Africa conference pursues. By placing innovation in local hands, it makes local investments and solutions more likely to deliver sustainable and accessible power and water to the millions of people without them. It will also ensure that Africa’s focus on sustainable, climate-friendly initiatives remains a priority through intelligent resource management and smart solutions built on a deep understanding of the continent’s unique landscape.

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Author: Bryan Groenendaal



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