Eskom signs human centric training programme with Russian State Atomiс Energy Corporation

  • On 25 March 2024, within the framework of the XIII International Forum ATOMEXPO 2024, Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom and Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd, following the Cooperation Agreement on human-centric approach to personnel training concluded at COP28 in Dubai, UAE, have signed an action plan (the Plan) for 2024-2026.

The Plan includes joint education programmes for employees, joint degree programs amongst Rosatom and Eskom partner universities, and business education, in particular hydrogen train-the-trainers programme developed by Rosatom. The Parties agreed on co-programming the Obninsk Tech School for Women in STEM which takes place in June in the town of Obninsk which celebrates this year the 70th anniversary of the world’s first nuclear power plant.

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Moreover, the Plan recognises the Parties’ leadership in empowering women and youth, and therefore, establishes the basis for integration of the Eskom Women Advancement Programme and Rosatom’s “[In]Visible Power” Women Leadership Programme.Eskom and Rosatom employees will also participate in Eskom Women Conference, International Youth Nuclear Forum Obninsk NEW and VI BRICS Youth Energy Summit. The Plan also highlights secondment of engineering competencies and development of championships for professional skills, including AtomSkills.

The Plan contributes to practical steps towards bringing highly qualified and talented African graduates from Russian universities to Eskom enterprises across the continent. The first step is a joint data base of the students which will enable Eskom’s active engagement in career days and students’ career guidance.

Eskom and Rosatom plan to exchange the best human resource practices, encouraging mutual empowerment and development aimed at providing businesses with leading practices on the way to ensuring human-centricity. The road map supports activities within the Alliance of Human Centric Organizations which puts human-centric businesses upfront.

Eskom’s Group Executive for Human Resources, Elsie Pule says, “This action plan is firmly aligned to Eskom and Rosatom’s shared commitment in empowering women and the youth by enriching their knowledge and skills through training programmes in their chosen career fields. It offers encouragement that knowledge transfer and professional development will be facilitated in a manner that will not only present career opportunities but the realisation of a better future for women and the youth. The integration of the Eskom Women Advancement Programme and Rosatom’s “[In]Visible Power” Women Leadership Programme will also act as a vehicle in driving their readiness and advancement into critical leadership and technical positions in the workplace.”

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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