Eskom meter recoding project on track with 52% conversion

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  • The Eskom Key Revision Number rollover project is progressing well with 3.61 million or 52% of the 6.9 million prepayment meters already recoded as of 15 May 2024.

The main Eskom meter recoding project in all the nine provinces started in August 2023 after a successful pilot in Gauteng and since then a rapid approach of ensuring that customers are empowered with the necessary information and supporting channels to do it themselves was adopted.

Monde Bala, Eskom’s Group Executive for Distribution, commented, “We continue to implore and educate our customers to embrace the Do It Yourself (DIY) process. Our teams are available to promptly assist those customers who are experiencing challenges and have logged queries with reference numbers.”

Eskom has plans to sustain the rapid prepayment meter recoding process to ensure that all our prepayment electricity meters are recoded before the deadline of 24 November 2024. Some of these plans involve auditing and fixing meters that are faulty, bypassed or not buying.

The Key Revision Number rollover progress is monitored daily through a dashboard and customer support is provided through various simplified mechanisms. Easy step-by-step guides are available on the various Eskom’s communication channels, including social media platforms, the Alfred Chatbot for questions and answers, and the Eskom website to enable a seamless process.

Eskom wishes to remind customers that the recoding of meters is done at no cost to the customers and cautions against scammers who may attempt to take advantage of the re-coding process and request for any form of payment for this service.

Customers are also reminded to enter all previously purchased credit tokens into their meter before entering their new meter recoding tokens. This is important because old credit tokens will not work after the meter is recoded.

The process of buying electricity remains unchanged. Customers can still purchase electricity from major banks, online platforms, fuel stations, prepaid electricity vending agents, and retailers across the country, as they currently do.

Here’s how to recode your meter:

Get your two recode tokens from your prepaid electricity vendor when Eskom prompts you that your area is being rolled over.

  1. Key in the first 20 digits of your recode token and for it to be accepted.
  2. Key in the second 20 digits of your recode token and for it to be accepted.
  3. Very important! Key in the 20 digits of your purchased token to recharge your meter.

Please refer to the dashboard on the Eskom website for the updated figures of the Eskom Key Revision Number rollover project progress: Key Revision Number – Distribution

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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