Electrolysis Tech: Hydrogen Production From Any Water Source Including Salt Water

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  • Swiss hydrogen solutions company EBH2 Systems and Quebec-based silicon solutions company HPQ Silicon Resources expect third-party validation of the EBH2 technology within 60 days.
  • EBH2’s proprietary low-cost electrolysis technology can produce green hydrogen “from virtually any water source including salt water.”

The companies reported that a first step was taken by the signing of a perpetual worldwide license granted by EBH2 to HPQ to sell products where EBH2 Green Hydrogen Reactors (EBH2 GHR) are incorporated into HPQ Technologies.

While deploying at scale Green Hydrogen could provide up to 24% of the world energy needs by 2050, cutting Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) emissions by around a third and generating direct annual revenues of US$ 2,5 trillion, currently available processes of producing Green Hydrogen from renewable energies cost about US$5 per kilogram, giving Green Hydrogen a cost disadvantage compared to hydrogen produced using fossil fuels (Grey and Blue Hydrogen) which have a US$1 per kilogram cost.

“We are getting closer to the point where EBH2 technology will be validated and HPQ will be incredibly well positioned to make green silicon materials all the while opening up new, and massive addressable markets for a system that can produce cheaply green hydrogen, on demand,” Bernard Tourillon, president and CEO of HPQ Silicon, said on Wednesday. The aim is to produce green hydrogen for $1 per kilogram.

Author: GBA News Desk


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