Determine Personal Energy and Water Savings Potential With hansgrohe

  • Technological innovations play a major role in the sustainable use of valuable resources in everyday life.
  • To make users aware of the benefits of these technologies, smart tools can help raise awareness of daily resource consumption.
  • Particularly in the home, the criterion of sustainability has a significant influence on purchasing decisions*.
  • There is still room for optimization here: In view of rising energy costs, many households are upgrading to energy-saving products.
  • But is it worth it in the bathroom?
  • The hansgrohe water-savings calculator has answers!

For an intelligent and sustainable use of water and energy, the premium brand hansgrohe has developed a calculating tool for calculating the savings potential in the bathroom. The hansgrohe water-savings calculator clearly shows what switching to a product with water and energy-saving technology means for your wallet and the environment.

“Enjoying a great shower experience while saving water, energy and money – that’s hansgrohe EcoSmart. When 90 percent of CO2emissions are generated in the usage phase of a bathroom, our sustainable technology starts right where it has the most impact for the environment and the customer: namely in daily consumption. By 2030, we aim to convert our entire product portfolio to water- and energy-saving products. We are conserving our most valuable resources and enabling the most beautiful moments with water, also in the future,” says Marc André Palm, Head of Global Brand Management hansgrohe.

Mathematics for Smart Savers

The hansgrohe water-savings calculator shows the water and energy savings of an EcoSmart product compared to a hansgrohe product without EcoSmart technology. Water-saving hand-held showers from hansgrohe consume an average of only around 8.5 liters per minute with a high level of showering comfort. Fine spray types and innovative spray nozzles make particularly efficient use of the reduced water volume. Compared to the use of a conventional shower, a four-person household reduces its own water consumption by around 262 bathtubs full of water a year. Since less water also means less hot water, i.e. less energy for its preparation, this household saves over 1500 kWh of energy annually.

This saving corresponds to eight percent of the household’s total annual energy consumption. Double the pleasure for the environment and the wallet. A hand-held shower such as hansgrohe Raindance S with EcoSmart technology pays for itself after just two months.

The water-savings calculator uses average consumption values for shower length and frequency for the calculation. The data for energy and water prices are also based on average values and can vary from region to region. For the most accurate result possible, all values and price points can be adjusted individually.

Link to the hansgrohe water calculator HERE 

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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