COP circus this year led by CEO of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

  • The 28th United Nations Climate Change conference (COP28) will be held from November 30 until December 12, 2023, at the Expo City, Dubai.
  • The usual blab is starting to sound out from an event where worlds leaders and business leaders arrive enmass in private jets. Read more
  • The President-Designate, Dr. Sultan Al Jaber of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and UN Climate Change Executive Secretary, Simon Stiell made the following statement:

“As the work to prepare for a successful COP28 gathers momentum, we want to express our commitment to making COP28 an inclusive and safe space for all participants.”

“Recognizing the global nature of the climate emergency and its varying impacts across communities and societies, we want to emphasize the crucial importance of an inclusive, transparent, and respectful setting for all participants to engage in the COP process.”

“In line with UNFCCC guidelines and adherence to international human rights norms and principles, there will be space available for climate activists to assemble peacefully and make their voices heard. We are committed to upholding the rights of all participants and to ensuring that everyone’s perspectives are heard and their contributions to the climate challenge are recognized.

“We will work together to make COP28 the most inclusive UN Climate Change Conference to date. To this effect, we have written to all Parties urging increased participation and meaningful engagement of youth, women, local communities, and Indigenous Peoples as members of Party and observer delegations to COP, and in climate decision-making, policy, and action in the lead up to and during COP 28 by providing appropriate quality and modalities of participation.”

Dr. Sultan added: “The COP28 plan of action is centered around: fast-tracking a just, equitable and orderly energy transition; fixing climate finance; focusing on people, lives and livelihoods; and underpinning everything with full inclusivity. The COP28 Presidency believes inclusivity is a critical enabler to achieving transformative progress across the climate agenda. Only by rising above our differences and working together can we raise our shared ambition and deliver progress to keep 1.5C within reach.”

On his part, Simon Stiell said: “As custodians of the process, the secretariat is dedicated to supporting the Parties implement their climate commitments, including under the Paris Agreement. To drive climate action and ambition forward, we are firmly committed to ensuring that UN values are upheld at COPs. We are also making every effort on our part to ensure that this will be a COP process where the voices of youth, women, local communities, Indigenous Peoples, and those most impacted by climate change will be heard and reflected within the process.”

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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