Coolstart technology redefines energy efficiency

  • In today’s world, where energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are of paramount importance, hansgrohe, a leading provider of premium bathroom and kitchen solutions, features a distinctive technology to assist in reducing warm water costs on a day-to-day basis.
  • As part of the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, hansgrohe’s CoolStart technology is designed to help individuals – reduce energy consumption, decrease CO2 emissions, and lower costs.

The perfect blend of style, affordability and energy saving

While cost-saving and reduced energy consumption are critical, you do not want to compromise on style, and the Vernis Shape taps exemplify the combination of style and sustainability. With CoolStart technology integrated into the range, homeowners, interior designers, architects, and plumbers can enjoy the benefits of reduced energy consumption without compromising on aesthetics. Available in highly appealing chrome and matt black finishes, the Vernis taps offer a lavish look at an affordable price.

What sets hansgrohe CoolStart taps apart from their standard taps, is their environmentally friendly approach to water consumption. Only cold water flows when the lever handle is in the middle position, eliminating the unnecessary consumption of warm water. In contrast, their standard taps consume energy even in the centre position. By utilising CoolStart technology, you ensure that your pipe system is not filled with warm water when it’s not needed. The result? Reduced resource consumption, lower CO2 emissions, and cost savings for both the environment and your wallet.

Beautiful, modern bathroom using hansgrohe CoolStart technology. Image credit: hansgrohe

Commitment to sustainability

The Hansgrohe Group develops solutions that serve to protect the environment. With a spirit of innovation, we address concrete problems such as the lack of resources, be it the looming water crisis or the shortage of production materials.  Their goal for 2030: reduce water consumption, cut emissions – with water and energy-saving technologies in all AXOR and hansgrohe branded products. With CoolStart technology, which was already launched in 2012, homeowners to hotels can actively participate in energy conservation, and enjoy the benefits of modern, stylish taps.

With hansgrohe’s commitment to sustainability and the stylish Vernis Shape range, you no longer need to compromise on style while striving for a greener future.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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