Cape Town Hotel Installs Own Seawater Desalination Plant

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  • The Radisson Blu Hotel in Granger Bay, Cape Town, last month disconnected from the municipal drinking water network.
  • It will now source its supplies from its own desalination plant.

Up until last month, the Radisson Blu Hotel in Granger Bay, Cape Town relied on the Cape Town City Council for its water. They are now self-sufficient after successfully installing a sea own seawater desalination system.

“We dug a well under the hotel to access the water source. This allows us to pump enough water for our reverse osmosis plant to keep our hotel’s fresh water tank full at all times,” says Gary Bowers, the engineer who designed the desalination unit. It is capable of supplying 7 m3 of fresh water per hour from a 100 m deep borehole.

In reality, the Radisson Blu Hotel in Granger Bay has been forced to have its own drinking water source, because despite some stabilisation in the drinking water supply in Cape Town, restrictions on the use of the precious liquid remain in place. These decisions were made during the 2018 dry season when water stopped flowing through the taps for several weeks. Read more

The use of a desalination plant means that we can no longer operate from municipal water supplies. In this way, we are able to play our role in saving water during this period of scarcity. Our customers can be assured that they do not put pressure on the local water supply when they stay with us,” says Clinton Thom, General Manager of Radisson Blu in Granger Bay.

Author: GBA News Desk


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