Canadian IPP signs 1000MW PPA with Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation

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  • Zambia’s state owned energy utility, Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) has signed a 1000MW Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Canadian IPP, Skypower Global.
  • Zambia electricity generation is predominately hydropower managed by the Zambezi River Authority(ZRA) and therefore climate change impacts generation capacity. 
  • The influence of the El Nino climate phenomenon on the 2023/24 Rainfall Season is having a negative effect on generation capacity. 
  • Zambia is currently facing a massive energy crisis and expects a power generation deficit of 700 megawatts this year.

“The Green Giant Zambia project is a crucial component of our Integrated Renewable Energy Plan, especially in the context of our current drought owing to climate change,” stated Zambia’s president, Hakainde Hichilema. With Zambia striving to boost industrial productivity and realize our goal of achieving over 3 million metric tonnes of energy per year, this program intends to significantly improve our capacity for renewable energy to meet both present and future energy needs.

“This initiative aims to substantially increase our renewable capacity to address both current and future energy needs as Zambia aims to increase industrial productivity and fulfill our aspiration to attain over 3 million metric tons of annual copper production,” claimed Hichilema.

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“The Green Giant Zambia initiative is a monumental step towards a sustainable future,” said Michael Prest, Ccountry manager and special adviser to SkyPower. “By leveraging cutting-edge solar technology and our collective expertise, we are set to dramatically transform Zambia’s energy landscape, making it a model for renewable energy development worldwide.”

No details has been provided by Skypower or ZESCO on specific generation projects under development, technology or financing.

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Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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