Calib Cassim will remain Eskom’s Chief Financial Officer

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  • The Eskom Board is pleased to announce that Mr Calib Cassim will remain Eskom’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
  • His current term of employment as CFO comes to an end on 31 December 2023.
  • Cassim, who is currently acting as the Group Chief Executive (GCE), will return to the CFO position immediately after the new GCE, Mr Dan Marokane, assumes office no later than 31 March 2024.

According to Mteto Nyati, Chairman of the Eskom Board, the retention of Cassim bodes well for continuity and change approach that is expected from the Eskom leadership team. Cassim has 21 years of service with Eskom. His institutional knowledge will be invaluable in discussions around Eskom’s current and future business strategies.

“Calib has done an excellent job in holding the fort. When we announced the appointment of Mr Dan Marokane to the Top 400 senior leaders of Eskom, they gave us two key messages. Firstly, they were delighted that Dan had chosen to re-join Eskom. His appointment was well received. Secondly, they expressed a deep sense of appreciation to Calib for serving the company well. His interim leadership brought sustainability to the organisation. As the Eskom Board, we are counting on his passion for Eskom and are pleased to have retained him as CFO,” said Nyati.

“It is a privilege for me to continue serving as the CFO of Eskom. I am looking forward to continue contributing to the collective efforts of placing Eskom on a path to sustainability through the implementation of our turnaround plans,” said Acting Group Chief Executive, Calib Cassim.

“I want to thank the Board and Shareholder ministry for creating an enabling environment for me to contribute to the turnaround of Eskom. Eskom has exceptional talent that look to us to provide leadership. With Dan joining, we have the best shot at creating the future we want for Eskom,” added Cassim.

“I would also like to thank Martin Buys for acting as the Eskom’s Chief Financial Officer. He has done an excellent job and has shown leadership and dedication to our business. He will continue acting until I take over the role. Importantly, I am grateful for the support received from EXCO and the employees,” concluded Cassim.

Source: Eskom


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