Bladeless Wind Turbine Introduced to Building Sector

  • A revolutionary new wind turbine has been announced to the C&I and residential markets.
  • The innovative turbine is silent and bladeless says the inventors, Aeromine Technologies.
  • They also claim that their wind turbines produce 50% more electricity than solar PV in a cost to cost comparison plus requires only 10% of the roof space solar panels require.
  • The new wind tech, which is fully integrateable, is ideally suited for warehouses, data centers, office buildings, and apartment building applications.

The “Aeromine Technologies’ patented motionless wind harvesting system generates up to 50 percent more energy at the same cost as rooftop solar PV,” says the company.

Aeromine wind turbine under testing. Image credit: Aeromine

The technology uses aerodynamics similar to race car airfoils to capture and amplify each building’s airflow. The stationary, silent, and durable Aeromine unit generates energy around the clock in any weather while taking up only 10 percent of the roof space required by solar panels.

Hybrid integration

The combination of Aeromine’s wind solution and rooftop solar, designed to work seamlessly with a building’s existing electrical system, can generate up to 100 percent of a building’s onsite energy needs while minimizing the need for energy storage.

Rendering of Aeromine commercial office application. Image credit: Aeromine

“This is a game-changer adding new value to the fast-growing rooftop power generation market, helping corporations meet their resilience and sustainability goals with an untapped distributed renewable energy source,” said Aeromine CEO David Asarnow, a veteran of the climate technology industry.

“Aeromine’s proprietary technology brings the performance of wind energy to the on-site generation market, mitigating legacy constraints posed by spinning wind turbines and less efficient solar panels.”

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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