Belgium’s Enabel Announces Tender for 5 Solar Hybrid Mini-Grids in Mozambique

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  • Enabel, the Belgian state owned development agency, has launched a tender for the construction of five solar PV/Battery/Diesel hybrid mini-grids in Mozambique.
  • The tender kicks off with a call for Expressions of Interest which will be supplemented with the Tender Documents provided in the 2nd phase (contents of the tender, award criteria, arrangements for negotiations, deadline for submission of tenders, etc.) and with the contractual clauses relating to the performance of the contract.
  • The Tender documents will be sent to the selected candidates (only) with the Call for Tenders.
  • The projects will be located in the provinces of Zambezia and Nampula and range in size from 75 to 230 kWp. 

The Government of Mozambique has received a grant from the Belgian Government, to be implemented by Enabel – Belgian Development Agency and FUNAE – Energy Fund, to finance the RERD II Programme (Renewable Energy for Rural Development Programme).  FUNAE intends to electrify 5 villages in Zambézia and Nampula provinces, through photovoltaic mini-grids, to provide a continuous supply of electricity to those communities.

FUNAE and Enabel have carried out a summary survey in the area on all the basic information from which the five project lots could be designed: in each instance a solar power plant with battery storage that will energise the planned mini-grid.

Full turnkey requirement

For each lot, the objective is for the contractor to design the executive project, supply materials and equipment, build, test and put the photovoltaic power plants and mini-grids into service which includes metering, all in order to supply electricity to the village.

Lot locations

  • Lot 1: Milhana, Mecuburi district, Nampula province;
  • Lot 2: Muite, Mecuburi district, Nampula province;
  • Lot 3: Alto Maganha locality, Pebane district, Zambézia province;
  • Lot 4: Idugo Island, Mocubela district, Zambézia province;
  • Lot 5: Mugulama, Ilé district, Zambézia province.

Solar EPC’s interested in this project have until May 4th, 2021 to submit.

Link to the tender document HERE

Good luck!

Author: Bryan Groenedaal


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