BEKA Schréder Supplies LED lighting Solution for Beach Development in Mozambique

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  • The Bank of Mozambique, in partnership with the Municipality of Pemba, has built the Metical Square on Wimbi beach in Pemba, Mozambique.
  • This forms part of a countrywide rollout of monuments celebrating the local currency.
  • BEKA Schréder is proud to have supplied the LED lighting solution for this prestigious project.  

The Metical Square has been built in a popular tourist spot and has created social areas for locals and tourists to enjoy, over and above the cultural value of the monument. BEKA Schréder’s lighting solution was chosen for the aesthetical value, durability and performance. All the products have been designed and manufactured in South Africa, thus taking the continent’s harsh environmental factors into account, ensuring a long lifetime.

BEKA Schréder has provided the LED lighting solution for Metical Square, Pemba, Mozambique. Image credit: BEKA Schréder

Metical Monument

This unique monument is illuminated by the LEDSTREAM LED floodlight. This compact floodlight is the perfect solution for this application. It is an efficient alternative to compact fluorescent, high pressure sodium and metal halide lamp sources. Various light distributions are available for customized projects, providing efficiency and visual comfort. The LEDSTREAM incorporates thermal feedback to preserve the lifetime in ambient temperature environments of more than 35˚C.


ZELA LED post tops on glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) poles and LEDPOST LED bollards have been installed around the park, adding to the beauty of the area. The ZELA emits a pleasant, low glare light, making it perfect for architectural spaces. Available with symmetrical or asymmetrical light distributions and various lumen packages, the ZELA luminaire offers flexible and cost-effective indirect lighting for the creation of ambiance.

BEKA Schréder’s GRP pole, the BEKAPOLE, is non-corrosive, maintenance-free, light weight, vandal-resistant and sustainable. Over time, it will outlast wood, concrete, steel and aluminium under similar climatic conditions. It is preferred by architects, developers and local authorities for its aesthetic appearance, strength, ease of installation and inherent safety for road users. The BEKAPOLE has virtually unlimited applications. It can be manufactured to any requirement relating to the number and configuration of luminaires to be mounted, inclusive of any special colour.

The LEDPOST is an attractive LED bollard providing safety in pedestrian areas. With its elegant design, the LEDPOST bollard is dedicated to lighting open areas. Thanks to innovative technology, the LEDPOST combines the highest precision and efficiency in a very compact bollard.

The Metical Monument is illuminated by the LEDSTREAM LED floodlight. image credit: BEKA Schréder


The roads are illuminated with the ZIYA streetlight, mounted on GPR poles. Compact yet powerful, light yet robust, affordable yet highly efficient, the ZIYA range provides the fastest return on investment in road and area lighting. The ZIYA range comprises of the ZIYA-1 and ZIYA-2 with aluminium housing, and the ZIYA-E with calcium-filled Polypropylene housing. The range incorporates a universal side-entry mounting for 42mm diameter spigots. Precise on-site setting is facilitated through an incorporated inclination system. Built to withstand high ambient temperatures and vandalism (IK 10) and with a high Ingress Protection level (IP 65), the ZIYA range provides a sustainable performance over time.


The ROUGHGUARD LED has been installed in the restroom area. This vandal-proof LED luminaire has been designed to be used in industrial corrosive and harsh environments, providing light exactly where it is needed. It is available in two sizes for applications flexibility and an optional integrated movement and daylight sensor for further energy savings.

BEKA Schréder locally develops and manufactures sustainable LED lighting products, designed and suitable for local conditions.

BEKA Schréder is very proud to be associated with J SLIVA Architects & Engineers and OGA in providing a holistic LED lighting solution for this project.

For further enquiries, contact Paulo Mamede at +27 (0)11 238 0002 or

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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