BEKA Schréder Supplies Full Lighting Solution for Automotive Industrial Zone

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BEKA Schréder - ECOBAY

  • BEKA Schréder has supplied the LED lighting solution for various sections of the Tshwane Automotive Special Economic Zone (TASEZ) in Gauteng, South Africa.
  • TASEZ is Africa’s First Automotive City taking the lead in growing Africa’s industrial revolution and providing meaningful employment and business opportunities for communities and SMME’s in the City of Tshwane.

This first-class development required a first-class lighting solution. BEKA Schréder has supplied LED luminaires for various sections of TASEZ. They have been chosen as they have been designed and manufactured in South Africa, are robust, cost effective and provide an efficient lighting solution to maximise energy and maintenance cost savings.

Automould and Aeroklasduys buildings

Various LED luminaires have been installed in and around the Automould and Aeroklasduys buildings. The ECOBAY and LEDBAY (with emergency version) highbays have been installed inside the buildings, and the DUISAemergency lighting range has been installed at Emergency exit doors. The LEDTEC S lowbay provides general area lighting in the loading bay areas. The ZELA decorative post top illuminates the parking areas, and the OMNISTAR-MIDI floodlight provides general area lighting around the buildings. The SERIES 300 decorative bulkhead has been installed on the outside of the security guard buildings, with the BEKANOVA bulkhead being installed around the main buildings.

Tai Summit Warehouse

The ECOBAY LED highbay illuminates this all-in-one warehouse. The signage of the warehouse has been illuminated with the LEDBEAM and LEDSTREAM floodlights. Here too, the ZELA has been installed in the parking area.

The OMNISTAR-MIDI floodlight provides general area lighting around the Automould and Aeroklasduys buildings. Image credit: BEKA Schréder

Sodecia Cluster

In this section, automatic parts for the vehicles are manufactured. Various LED luminaires have been installed in and around the Sodecia Cluster.

In the manufacturing plant and warehouse, OMNISTAR-MAXI LED highbays, LEDNOVA-MIDI (emergency version) bulkheads, and BEKA VAPOURLINE industrial luminaires were installed. The tunnel area that is used to remove scrap metal is illuminated with the ROUGHGUARD LED vandal-resistant linear LED luminaire.

In the PAO Building, LED PANELS (standard and emergency versions) have been installed in the ceilings, together with the BEKARONDO LED downlights. The SERIES 30 decorative bulkheads provide general area lighting along the building.

The entrance area is illuminated with ECOBAY LED highbays, whilst security lighting is provided with the LEDFLOOD-MIDI floodlights, which have been installed along the outside of the building.

OMNISTAR-MAXI highbays illuminate the manufacturing plant and warehouse in the Sodecia Cluster. Image credit: BEKA Schréder


The roads within TASEZ are illuminated with BEKA Schréder’s LEDLUME XP 3 streetlight. The LEDLUME XP offers optimised photometrical performance with a minimum total cost of ownership. It provides customers with the ideal tool to generate energy savings, improve lighting levels and reduce maintenance costs. The great variety of high-performance optics optimises the photometric distribution for each specific application to achieve minimum energy consumption.

­­BEKA Schréder locally develops and manufactures sustainable LED lighting products, designed and suitable for local conditions.

We are very proud to be associated with the following partners:

  • Automould and Aeroklasduys buildings: Plantech Consulting Engineers, Our Electrical & Big O Engineering
  • Tai Summit Warehouse & Roads: iX Engineers & Nkwazi Contractors
  • Sodecia Cluster: MMT Consulting Engineers, Basemajor Construction & Onza Construction

For further enquiries, contact Heinrick le Roux, Benita Delport or Sean Govindasamy at +27 (0)11 238 0000 or

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

BEKA Schréder - ECOBAY


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