AXOR unveils a new era in shower design – the ShowerComposition

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  • Renowned for pushing the boundaries of innovation and design, AXOR collaborates with the visionary Philippe Starck to introduce a breathtaking shower experience – the AXOR ShowerComposition.
  • This exceptional shower control panel system transcends the conventional, offering a fusion of modernity and timeless elegance that transforms the shower space into a personalised haven of comfort and luxury.

Philippe Starck

The AXOR ShowerComposition is a testament to the philosophy that a shower should adapt to an individual’s unique needs. Philippe Starck’s design vision has given birth to a universal design language characterised by sleek, flat surfaces and ultra-slim profiles. This architectural composition redefines the possibilities for individual expression, whether as an all-in-one shower panel or a bespoke arrangement of modular components. The result is an immersive shower experience combining cutting-edge technology and minimalist aesthetics.

Reflecting Uniqueness

The system boasts a minimalist, rectilinear design with showerhead and vertical panels that extend a fraction from the wall, creating a sense of space and sophistication. The easy-to-install shower panel offers comprehensive functionality in a single basic set, while individual shower modules can be curated to tailor the shower experience to each user’s preferences.

The new AXOR ShowerComposition in action

Versatile and Effortless Installation

AXOR ShowerComposition offers versatility and ease of installation, catering to diverse needs. It is available in various configurations, including the all-in-one shower panel that seamlessly integrates an overhead shower, body shower, thermostatic module, hand shower, and a textile-wrapped shower hose. Alternatively, users can opt for shower modules with different jet options, such as a one-jet overhead shower, a one-jet overhead shower with a shoulder shower, or a two-jet overhead shower with a shoulder shower. A separate one-jet adjustable shoulder shower module is also available for added flexibility. The system is offered in a range of exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surfaces, including the elegant Matt Black.

Innovative Showering Experience

AXOR ShowerComposition also introduces innovative features, including the immersive PowderRain spray mode that envelops the body in ultra-fine droplets. Selected overhead showers incorporate a conical spray, and the intuitive interaction design allows separate control of temperature and water volume. The dimensions of AXOR ShowerComposition showers perfectly complement those of the AXOR Universal Rectangular Accessories, ensuring a cohesive design language throughout the shower area.

This is not just a shower; it’s a transformation of the showering experience. It’s where innovation meets design, flexibility meets luxury, and the future of showering begins.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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