AXOR suite basins and bathtub launched in South Africa

  • Prepare to transform your bathroom into a serene sanctuary with the introduction of AXOR Suite Basins and Bathtub in South Africa.
  • Imagine soaking in the island oasis of your new bathtub or enjoying your nightly facial routine over your new basin – surrounded by sleek modern design and clean, simple lines, while the stresses of the day effortlessly melt away.
  • Beauty lovers across South Africa can now experience the elegance and timeless design of AXOR Suite Basins and Bathtub created by world-renowned designer Philippe Starck.
  • This exciting product launch brings loveliness, harmony, and a personal touch to bathroom interiors.

Crafted with SolidSurface material for durability, AXOR Suite Basins and Bathtub boast clean lines and a modern aesthetic that appeals to a broad audience. The specially finished elements, such as a shelf on the bathtub and a wrap-around surface on the washbasin sides, allow users to express their individuality while enjoying functionality.

AXOR Suite Basin in Gold

The AXOR Suite basins come in versatile rectangular and circular shapes, featuring small radii and smooth inner basins. Available in Matt Black, Chrome, or a variety of polished or brushed AXOR FinishPlus finishes, these basins provide luxurious options for personalising any bathroom space.

Philippe Starck, a visionary designer, emphasises longevity and eco-friendliness, stating, “The key words for the future and ecology are longevity, transmission, and heritage. The new AXOR Suite washbasin combines metal and SolidSurface—a highly technological material symbolising eternity and elegance. It is designed to last forever.”

AXOR Suite Basins in Matte White

The AXOR Suite bathtub, designed to be the centrepiece of any bathroom, combines timeless design with durable materials. Crafted from SolidSurface, a stain-resistant surface derived from natural materials and pure acrylic resin, the bathtub is elegant and easy to clean, making it ideal for hygienic environments. The bathtub is generous and features a unique design with circular ends and straight sides. AXOR Suite also offers an optional shelf for bath-time essentials, allowing users to keep their favourite items within reach. With a wide range of surface finishes to choose from, these special-finish elements can be coordinated with other AXOR products, ensuring a cohesive and holistic bathroom design.

AXOR Suite Basins and Bathtub brings a touch of sophistication and lasting elegance to South African bathrooms.

Visit the Hansgrohe Showroom in Johannesburg to see the AXOR Suite Basins and Bathtub range in action.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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