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Leather: Sensuous Haptics and Perfect Aesthetics

With the brand campaign, AXOR Places, the design brand explores the very personal Places of Memory of well-known design partners, such as Jean-Marie Massaud, Phoenix Design or Barber & Osgerby.

We connected the very personal `Places of Memory´ of AXOR design partners with the individualization possibilities that the AXOR MyEdition faucet collection offers: maximum freedom in the choice of materiality for the mounting plate”, explains Anke Sohn, Head of AXOR Brand Marketing. She continues: “Inspired by the recollection of a certain encounter, of a mood, of an adventure, of a ‘place of memory’, we transport a certain material that is reminiscent of that place into the here and now. Thus a piece of the world materializes in the appearance of the individual faucet”.

Not only the material’s origin, but also its journey of conversion is considered. “With portraits of craftsmen, we are not only focusing on our design partners and the creatives behind the brand, but also on the craft itself, the materiality, and the origin of our products”, Sohn continues.

The finest materials give AXOR MyEdition an exclusive appearance: marble, wood, leather. Highly specialized enterprises process them near the brand’s headquarters in the Black Forest. The spirit of artisan manufacturing still prevails in the workshops: Passionate master craftsmen and women process our raw materials to perfection. Not only does AXOR value these skilled experts, but they are also in demand for outfitting high quality yachts and private jets. Overall, the perfect combination of material and craftsmanship with short transportation distances and regional strengths over the long term.


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“Leather is a natural product, you feel it when you hold it in your hand, it has a certain warmth”, Sebastian Rampf, master upholsterer, explains. The hides come from cattle from southern Germany or Austria. Every hide is inspected by hand and the surface is checked for marks so that they don’t run into the cut. The hide is split down to a thickness of one millimeter so that it can be used to cover delicate objects just as the AXOR MyEdition mounting plate. Most of the processing is still done meticulously by hand, such as sewing the cover plate or applying the AXOR logo with a hot stamp. Nappa leather is used in the interior design of yachts. That gives us the assurance that this leather can also be used in wet areas. Durability meets tangible design. The universal, ancient origins of leather take the stage in the room this way: perfect, luxurious, and sensual.

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Form follows perfection!

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