Astronergy’s pioneering ZBB TOPCon solar panel gains TÜV Rheinland’s world’s first certification

  • With the advantages of low mechanical stress and high reliability, Astronergy’s pioneering ASTRO N ZBB TOPCon 3.0 solar panel module has obtained world ‘first of a kind’ certification by TÜV Rheinland.
  • This brings mass production of the ZBB TOPCon 3.0 products closer to reality. 

ZBB, or so-called ‘Zero BusBar Interconnection Technology’, could reduce the silver paste use (main material for busbar) and improve the aesthetics of PV modules, which is one of the main developing paths for the PV industry to be much more environmentally friendly and higher efficiency, and to achieve technological breakthroughs.

Independently developed by Astronergy, the ZBB TOPCon 3.0 module product has over 20 related patents in product design, processing, and material and equipment plans, said Dr Alex Hsu, the CTO at Astronergy.

ZBB TOPCon module manufacturing could be conducted under lower temperatures and the products could be compatible with thinner silicon wafers, reducing silver paste consumption, thereby making module products much more environmentally friendly and much more sustainable, while also improving the bending resistance of the PV modules, added Dr Alex Hsu.

The tech could also help to increase the light-receiving area of the PV cells and reduce the optical losses of PV modules. Meanwhile, due to the removal of the busbar, the ZBB module has better current carrier collection efficiency and aesthetics.

Hsu added that due to the finer and evenly distributed welding wires of this type of module, the mechanical load performance of such products is better; and the application of ZBB tech on TOPCon 3.0 PV cells enabled the module power to reach over 590W with an efficiency of over 22.8%. And thanks to the ZBB tech, ASTRO N n-type TOPCon products could have a bifaciality rate of 80%.

Mass production is steadily advancing and is expected to be achieved by the end of this year plus plans for modules manufactured with ZBB tech with better aesthetics are also under way.

In other news, Astronergy World Tour kicked off in Madrid, Spain at the beginning of October, and promoted its Sustainability Strategy to local partners and friends for advocating more sustainable energy utilisation for a greener world.

As the fourth stop of Astronergy World Tour, the solar party in Spain took Astronergy’s newly published Sustainability Strategy as its topic, had communications with PV industry expertise, players and local media on insights and perspectives about green energy, and discussed current green energy transition process in Spain and in Europe.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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