Astronergy’s new ASTRO N7 66-cell solar panel for utility scale projects is a cut above the rest

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  • Astronergy is a highly innovative and globally respected manufacturer of high-quality solar panels (modules).
  • Their new ASTRO N7 66-cell solar panel continues this tradition and will certainly get the attention of utility scale solar PV project developers and EPC’s.

The new panel, which features rectangular TOPCon 3.0 tech PV cells (182mm*210mm), is a cut above the rest in terms of performance. It also outperforms in efficiency and cost per watt. For utility scale projects the new N7 offers lower BOS costs compared to the conventional 182mm square wafer modules, and the low voltage characteristics of the product could bring benefits to the solar system design.

The main features of the new ASTRO N7 include:

  • Higher Power Out: Over 615W (leading in the industry);
  • Higher Efficiency: Over 22.8%
  • High Reliability: Due to SMBB manufacturing tech (a cell processing tech) – More busbar on cells — More uniform stress distribution due to the increased number of weld joints in the main grid line, so then reduce silver paste loss; reduce series resistance, reduce cell power loss and improve module efficiency; Better tolerance for hidden cracks and broken grid;
  • High Power Out per watt:Thanks to high-transmittance glass, light redirecting film (LRF) and lower temperature coefficient (-0.29%)
  • Lower BOS & LCOE costs: Due to the low voltage characteristics of the ASTRO N7 66-cell products, customers could also enjoy the advantage in system design, which could help to reduce BOS and LCOE costs.

Other features include:

  • Better Low-irradiation Performance – Tested by UL, a third party organization, ASTRO N modules still have 97.8% low irradiation performance at 200W/㎡, which is 1%+ higher than PERC products. The excellent low irradiation performance ensures that ASTRO N achieves good power generation even in cloudy weather with low irradiance.
  • Low LID & LETID
  • Lower Operating Temperature – Under high temperature conditions in summer, the operating temperature of ASTRO N module is about 1.6℃ lower than PERC on average, and the theoretical power generation gain is about 0.6%.
  • Product Warranty: ASTRO N’s excellent product quality ensures that after 30 years of steady output, the power will not be less than 87.4%.
  • Annual degradation: -0.4%.

Astronergy has certainly set the bar for the utility scale sector where margins and IRR are continually being squeezed. With the ASTRO N7 66-cell solar panel you get more bang for your buck and a much improved bottom line over the PPA life.

For enquiries on the African continent, please contact Kevin Robinson:

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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