Astronergy public education center transfers solar PV knowledge to kids

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  • Themed ‘Tiny Actions For A Greener World’, Astronergy public education center for promoting eco-friendliness has finished its first series of events on September 2nd. The event attracted hundreds of kids and their families who visited four of the company’s manufacturing facilities to know about PV, clean energy and get inspirations for a sustainable and eco-friendly future they want to build and live.

As an attempt to promote ‘PV+ public education’, the public education center was built by Astronergy to encourage teenagers to learn from technological innovation and application in clean energy and get inspiration for preparing to create an ecologically friendly world.

While keeping all its 50GW manufacturing capacity and surging tech innovations, Astronergy invited kids with their families to visit its intelligent TOPCon cell & module factories to learn about each step of PV product manufacturing, how PV generate power and understand the important role of clean energy in the energy transition process.

And after visiting workshops, all kids involved were also encouraged to be ‘future designers’ to use painting brushes to draw a PV and clean energy-powered green and sustainable world, showing their understanding of clean energy with colored paintings.

As a practice of Astronergy’s sustainable strategy, the public education center smoothly finished its first mission within two months and looking forward to having positive influences in encouraging kids to do tiny actions to create a greener world.

In accordance with the introduction of the center project leader, the public education center will have three main stages of development, which gradually aim to open manufacturing bases for kids and teenagers to visit and learn, to connect and support more teenager initiatives and NGOs, and to build eco-friendly communities which center around schools.

Image credit:Astronergy

As the first stage of the development of the public education center, Astronergy opened its manufacturing bases worldwide to attract the surrounding public of each base, especially the teenagers, as the first group to participate in the event to learn about PV, get inspiration for building a greener world, and gain motivations for taking tiny actions for a sustainable and greener world.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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