Anglo American Invests in Kenyan Organic Waste Upcycling Business

  • Anglo American has agreed to lead the latest investment round of Sanergy Inc, an organic waste upcycling business with operations in Kenya.
  • Sanergy’s innovative solutions are helping to transform how fast-growing cities in the developing world manage waste by upcycling it into high value agriculture and energy products – such as insect-based protein for animal feed, organic fertiliser for regenerative farming and biomass fuel for sustainable, localised power sources.

Sanergy’s zero-waste approach, founded on the principles of circularity, contributes to protecting human health and reducing environmental emissions, promoting sustainable agriculture, and creating local and sustainable jobs along the value chain. In 2011, Sanergy launched its pilot plant in Nairobi, Kenya, now one of the largest organics recycling facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa, operating at an industrial scale since 2021 while a second facility is expected to begin construction soon.

Sanergy’s technology – enabling the provision of affordable yet high-quality sanitation services in non-sewered communities – is well placed to help solve some of the challenges associated with rising urbanisation and population growth, including improving overall public hygiene, reducing waste-to-landfill and its associated emissions, and increasing food supply and agricultural productivity.

Peter Whitcutt, CEO of Anglo American’s Marketing business, said: “Our Sustainable Mining Plan commits us to creating a healthy environment and building thriving communities wherever we work. Sanergy’s pioneering sanitation solutions and waste treatment technology have the potential to directly support our goals of protecting health and wellbeing, and being a catalyst for creating sustainable livelihoods. With this investment, we aim to extend our approach more broadly in our host countries to help tackle some of the most pressing human challenges.”

Anglo American plans to support Sanergy in its expansion plans in Kenya and more broadly across a number of southern African and other countries where Anglo American operates. Part of Anglo American’s investment will be used to validate Sanergy’s waste capture and conversion process with respect to emissions reduction potential and to facilitate access to the international carbon markets. This could unlock an additional revenue stream for Sanergy to fund future growth and expansion activities and in turn provide Anglo American with access to high-quality carbon credits.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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