An Eco-Friendly Shower Dramatically Contributes to Making a House a Home

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  • A shower performs more than a function.
  • It is a place of self-care and retreat.
  • A beautiful and eco-friendly shower dramatically contributes to making a house a home.
  • While wet rooms and walk-in showers are on trend, any minimalist shower environment will enhance the experience – allowing the user to delight in the beauty of the water itself and giving a feeling of ‘this is home’.

hansgrohe has played a decisive role in shaping modern shower culture, as is evident in the brand’s newest shower designs and innovations.

Raindance E – An award-winning gamechanger

Great design makes all the difference, and this regularly impresses international expert juries.  hansgrohe’s inimitable Raindance E is an international IF Design Award winner, and it’s easy to see why. Its simple geometric lines accent the clean angles in the bathroom, striking an inviting figure that becomes an eye-catching feature in the space.

With the Raindance E, you can experience a higher jet intensity in the centre, so shampoo can be rinsed out almost instantly, or let the gentle shower rain envelop your entire body in a cosy feeling of warmth, like being wrapped in a soothing blanket of water.

Lavish yourself in limitless leisure with Rainfinity

hansgrohe’s Rainfinity adapts to your space – and to you, with a specially tailored, innovative spray surface that curves inwards slightly, preventing the water jet from crashing into your head and shoulders.

The perfectly rounded Rainfinity overhead shower gently envelops your body in a coat of a thousand droplets, and you can set it to any angle between 10° and 30° with its ground-breaking adjustable wall mounting.

No matter your height or mood, you can find that ideal spot for the perfect shower and even choose your spray type. Rainfinity’s circular design is as functional as it is striking, with an understated elegance.

hansgrohe Rainmaker

Let the Rainmaker wash you clean

With a refreshing variety of functions for an inspiring shower experience, the Rainmaker overhead shower adds a whole new dimension to your bathroom – both with its beautiful design and the way it feels on your skin. Water is distributed all over your body at once, and you can completely indulge yourself with the extra-large showerhead.

The Rainmaker employs Hansgrohe’s exceptional QuickClean technology, making the job of cleaning the limescale an absolute breeze with a simple wipe, leaving your shower looking as out-of-the-box as it did on day one. The showerhead can be removed with ease for cleaning and returned to its place with simplicity.

The Rainmaker comes in a white-and-chrome finish, or a black-and-chrome finish; allowing to decide which option will look the best in your bathroom.

The new functions of the Croma E product range allow parents to send their children off to the bathroom without any of the worry as the CoolContact technology prevents the mixer from heating. Credit: hansgrohe.

No harm, no foul with the Ecostat E

The Ecostat E is an external thermostat mixer, elegantly encased in a state-of-the-art housing. What makes the Ecostat E so incredible is that it features hansgrohe’s Coolcontact – a new technology that prevents the housing from getting too hot. The result is that you will never burn your skin on the mixer. This is an absolute must for any household with small kids with curious fingers.

Besides Coolcontact, the mixer has Safetystop – the adjustable temperature limitation prevents children from accidentally burning themselves on scalding water.

hansgrohe Croma Overhead Shower. Image credit: hansgrohe

Croma E lets your shower shine

The Croma E boasts the softcube shape that has become so popular with hansgrohe clients recently. The rounded edges allow for a wider variety of décor options in the bathroom, as it is a perfect match for both round and angular bathroom elements, blending in seamlessly.

With the easy switch-over function of the EcoStat E, you can change between the overhead and the hand-shower with ease on the Croma E showerpipe.

Together, the Croma E and the Ecostat E make up the perfect bathroom experience for any family, putting safety and practicality first.

With hansgrohe, every time you walk into your space, there is comfort in the thought that you have entered your own personal haven away from the cares of the outside world, because with hansgrohe enhancing your private rooms, you will truly feel that #ThisisHome.

At hansgrohe, fine craftsmanship enhances lives every day – and it’s all for the love of water.

hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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