AltGen: Specialist Recruiters in Africa’s Renewable Energy, Technology and Sustainability Sectors

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  • AltGen’s ethos has always been embedded in “people and the planet”. The team has found a home in effecting change through people, the work they do – and the impact that they make.

Since 2012 AltGen has established entities in South Africa, Kenya, and Mauritius, but operates across the entire African continent. With the increase in European investments into renewables in Africa, AltGen has strategically placed a representative in the UK to engage with clients looking to expand their market share within Africa and laterally in Europe – with a key focus on hydrogen technologies.

Our services are client centric as we remain agile to the changing needs within the skills environment, be it within the realm of recruitment, employment solutions, workforce management, consulting, or technology development.

AltGen’s Recruitment statistics provide a good example of our growing market share across Africa within the recruitment realm. We have worked with close to 150 clients and have successfully placed over 500 skilled professionals in jobs within Africa. Of these, 85% of AltGen’s placements are in Southern Africa and 13% in Eastern Africa. In the last year we have seen an increase in requests for our services and a growing number of placed skills into North, West, and Central Africa, a mirror of a developing cleantech industry into last-mile territories. As of the end of June 2021, our placed candidates’ number of days spent working in the industry sits at near half a million, while person years of employment tallies at a total of 2,200.

AltGen’s placements per technology vertical further highlights a similar trend to the disbursement of technologies seen across Africa, with 56% percent of our placements falling within solar (28% in rooftop and utility respectively), while wind follows with 38% of our placements. The remaining 5% pertains to bioenergy, carbon tax, hydro, clean cooking, and energy storage.

AltGen Consulting has assisted in facilitating close to 10,000 off-grid renewables connections in Kenya as well as the deployment of close to EUR 12,000,000 in investment into mini-grids – ZAR 200,000,000.00. Two hundred million rands, in 5 years. One of AltGen’s headline projects includes supervisory services to Kenya’s Green Min Grid (GMG) Program.

Our Workforce Management services provide a holistic solution to REIPPPP clients looking to meet their local job content requirements, providing innovative solutions that ensure their local workforce’s activities feed back into their project operations and upskill the local communities. A notable project we are running includes supplying PPE to project-based staff through local supply – which AltGen manages.

At AltGen we are focused on providing unique solutions to cater to each of our client’s needs. For more information on AltGen’s services and proven experience within the job creation life cycle, contact us at

Author: GBA News Desk


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