Africa: JinkoSolar Sets Itself Apart When it Comes to Shipping and Road Transportation Safety

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  • JinkoSolar’s Tiger Pro series high-efficiency module has become the most reliable PV module choice for customers around the world due to its excellent loading and unloading efficiency as well as its transportation safety.
  • The transportation assurance is welcome to often challenging logistics in Africa, giving the purchaser peace of mind that their solar panels will in the same condition that they left the factory. 

JinkoSolar’s Tiger Pro module uses 182mm cells, and each pallet is packaged with the short side up, which can maximize the use of container space. The whole pallet will be transported and unloaded in a flat-bed trailer or a 40 feet international standard container (accessible height of 2580mm). The overall pallet height of Tiger Pro modules is 2484mm, which consists of four parts: pallet height, pad thickness, module height, and carton thickness.

Theoretically, the operable space reserved for unloading is 96mm. It can effectively ensure that the reserved space between the top of the module and the top of the container is wider than 40mm for safe unloading. Meanwhile, with the aim of improving the unloading efficiency, JinkoSolar continues to introduce optimal unloading solutions in various application scenarios to match the needs of different customers.

JinkoSolar’s Tiger Pro module shipment solution has reached the ultimate utilization of the space of the international standard container. It not only makes full use of the space of the container but also guarantees the safety of modules loading and unloading.

This solution can avoid the risk of micro crack caused by the different loading and unloading methods, as well as the transportation procedures of large-size modules.

Nowadays, the packaging method of large-size modules is still not mature and the cost of module transportation is extremely expensive. How to realize the efficient and safe delivery of modules from the factory, to the transportation, and to the final successful installation is what JinkoSolar has always been focusing on. JinkoSolar always dedicates to explore and improve the customer experience and customer value.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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