ACCIONA Tops the Global Green Utilities Charts Again

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  • Energy Intelligence has announced the latest ranking of the global Top 100 Green Utilities.
  • ACCIONA wins again.
  • ACCIONA is involved in wind, solar Pv and solar thermal projects in South Africa.

Energy Intelligence has announced the latest ranking of the global Top 100 Green Utilities. This ranking of the world’s top green power generators from both industrialized and emerging markets is based on companies’ renewable energy portfolios and greenhouse gas emissions.

The ranking shows that significant renewable capacity was added and fossil fuel assets shed in recent years, with a broader complement of companies playing a role in these trends. Notably, for the first time, companies in the ranking together emit less than 500 kilograms per megawatt hour of CO2.

For another year, ACCIONA has revalidated its position as the “greenest” electric power generation company in the world. It has held this position since 2015 in the “New Energy Top 100 Green Utilities” ranking of Energy Intelligence, an independent consultancy that specialises in energy markets.

The ranking, which has just been published in its seventh edition, selects a hundred of the best electricity generation companies in the world and classifies them based on their CO2 emissions and installed capacity in renewable technologies (excluding hydroelectric) to determine their level of involvement in the transition to a low-carbon electric power system.

ACCIONA continues to be the main pure player in renewables and stands in first place in the world ranking of the US-based firm. In its report, Energy Intelligence highlights the growing role that specialised renewables companies such as ACCIONA play in achieving an ever cleaner energy system worldwide.

The 100 companies that make up the ranking total 3,370 gigawatts (GW) and account for around 50% of electricity generation capacity in the world. European companies figure prominently in the Top 10, with five companies, together with three from China and two from the USA. After ACCIONA, the greenest utilities are China General Nuclear, Iberdrola (ES), E.On (AL), NextEra Energy (US), Invenergy (US), EDP (Portugal), China Energy Investment, Orsted (DK) and State Power Investment (Ch).

  • ACCIONA owns and operates the Sishen photovoltaic solar plant in South Africa, which has the largest output of any plant of its type in Africa (214 GWh/year). The project is a joint venture with Aveng, Soul City and Dibeng Community Trust. It became operational in December 2014.
  • ACCIONA’s first wind farm in South Africa, the Gouda facility, was connected to the grid in 2015. Located in Western Cape province, it has a capacity of 138 MW thanks to 46 ACCIONA Windpower turbines of 3 MW nominal output each.
  • ACCIONA was also awarded the Bokpoort Thermosolar Power Plant with its partners in June 2012 The plant is expected to be commissioned shortly. The 50 MW facility will use parabolic troughs and will have a molten salt energy storage system.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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