AAA! JinkoSolar once again attains the pinnacle of PV Tech’s bankability rating

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  • JinkoSolar, the world’s leading solar and storage company, once again earned the highest accolade of “AAA” in PV Tech’s latest quarterly Q3 ModuleTech bankability report.
  • This noteworthy achievement stands as a testament to JinkoSolar’s unwavering commitment to delivering dependable products and services, robust financial performance, and its pioneering position in N-type TOPCon technology, showcasing outstanding technical prowess across the spectrum.

According to the company’s recently released financial report for the first three quarters of 2023, JinkoSolar has achieved remarkable year-on-year growth in operational performance. The company recorded a revenue of 85.097 billion yuan, representing a substantial increase of 61.25%. Net profit attributable to shareholders surged to 6.354 billion yuan, a remarkable year-on-year growth of 279.14%. As of now, JinkoSolar has cumulatively shipped over 190GW of modules worldwide, a testament to the stellar performance of N-type modules. In the first three quarters of this year alone, the shipment volume of N-type modules reached an impressive 29.8GW, accounting for over half of the overall shipment volume, garnering widespread acclaim in the market.

JinkoSolar has long been at the forefront of technological innovation and exploration, spearheading the advancement of N-type technology within the photovoltaic industry. The company has shattered the world record for product efficiency power generation an astounding 23 times in succession. Following rigorous testing and certification by the esteemed National Photovoltaic Industry Measurement and Testing Center, JinkoSolar’s cell efficiency utilizing the cutting-edge N-type TOPCon technology has once again surged to 26.89%, reaffirming its industry-leading position. Simultaneously, the company’s average efficiency of N-type cells in the third quarter reached a new pinnacle of 25.6%, establishing a robust foundation for the sustainable growth of the future photovoltaic industry.

Looking ahead, JinkoSolar will steadfastly bear the mantle of a leading photovoltaic enterprise, continually enhancing its technological prowess, championing innovation, and elevating product competitiveness. Moreover, the company will leverage the synergies of the industry chain to optimize resource allocation upstream and downstream, driving down costs and elevating the overall competitiveness of the industry. This concerted effort will propel the global photovoltaic industry towards high-quality development, ushering in a brighter future for the advancement of clean energy.

Link to the list of JinkoSolar distributors in Africa HERE 

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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