34.5MW Wesley-Ciskei Wind Farm Reaches Commercial Operation in South Africa

  • EDF Renewables has commissioned the 34.5MW Wesley-Ciskei Wind Farm near Hamburg in the Eastern Cape.

Carl Wlotzka, EDF Renewables project manager, said: “After successfully completing the final Grid Code Compliance tests, we have now reached commercial operations and are supplying electricity into the grid.”

The wind project is part of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) Bid Window 4.

The Wesley-Ciskei Wind Energy Facility is comprised of 10 turbines with 34.5MW capacity.

“It was a big transportation challenge to navigate the South African road network with extremely heavy turbine components and blades that are up to 63m in length. These components were delivered to Wesley-Ciskei Wind Energy Farm and installed in two months,” explained Wlotzka.

Tristan De Drouas, EDF Renewables SA CEO, commented: “EDF Renewables has contributed significantly to South Africa’s renewable energy goals, having already completed four wind farms for the REIPPPP, including the Waainek, Chaba, Grassridge and Wesley-Ciskey projects. Now, in total, EDF Renewables is contributing 141.6MW of generation capacity to the grid.”

“Given the COVID-19 challenges, we are extremely happy to have completed construction of the project within 23 months,” said Wlotzka.

The project included an SMME developing and upskilling programme, facilitated by SAICA ED, which helped about 50 SMMEs in the communities surrounding the project site to work in the following areas: health and safety, communication, financing and tendering.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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