2MW Solar Hybrid System Installed in Somalia

  • EPCM Holdings has successfully commissioned a 2MW hybrid power plant in Beledweyne, Somalia.
  • The 1 MW solar PV component is equipped with 28 Ingeteam Inverters distributed in 4 stations which compliments an existing 500kW diesel genset plant, with Elum Energys’ controllers
  • The next phase is to increase the renewable energy system together with the battery storage solution.

Beledweyne is located in central Hirshabelle State and is the capital of the Hiiraan region In Somalia. The town, strategically situated on the Shabelle river, experiences electrical instability sometimes worsened by a flood from the river. Beledweyne relies on diesel genset to assure electrical reliability. To overcome this problem, African Green Tech worked on the implementation of a hybrid solar power plant.

2MW hybrid power plant in Beledweyne, Somalia. Image credit: Elum Energy

The main objectives of the initiative are:

  • Rising solar production and electric reliability,
  • Ensure that the generator does not work at more than 30% of its nominal capacity during
  • sun hours, allowing the PV to deliver the remaining 70%,
  • Decrease fuel consumption,
  • Ensure that the Genset + PV production does not exceed what the load consumes

The Elum Energy ePowerControl HFS increases reliability by rising solar penetration. It ensures optimal PV production. The ePowerControl HFS allows the PV Genset integration, ensuring that the genset works at the minimum genset loading, providing fuel savings.

Thanks to the onsite platform, the controller was commissioned remotely by the EPC technical team with the support of the Elum Energy deployment team.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

About Elum Energy:

Elum Energy is an energy and automation company that supplies cost-effective monitoring and control solutions for hybrid energy systems. These solutions can be adapted to a wide range of applications. Elum Energy provides energy management systems (ePowerControl) and a SCADA platform (ePowerMonitor) for solar energy, storage and other distributed resources. The solutions are suitable for solar power generation facilities coupled with diesel generators and/or energy storage. Elum Energy has implemented its controller solutions in more than 40 countries in the world.

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  1. Goede dag,

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