Standalone Storage System with energy management

This system is energy back up system with an intelligent energy management function. It does not include solar panels to charge the batteries; instead the grid is used to charge the system. The Hycube Standalone Storage System will give you up to 4 ½ hours backup power at full loads. The system also allows you to increase the storage capacity should your back up power demand increase by simply adding more battery modules without the need to create more space. The package offer includes the following:

  • Hycube Inverter Charger 4.6kw
  • Hycube Lithium Ion Storage 7.2kwh
  • Optional Radio Plugs for wireless power
  • Full installation by specialist technician – 1 year installation warranty
  • Certificate of Compliance

Price: R174 984.00 Excl Vat (please note that the price quoted is a guide price and subject to site visit)

Contact us if you are interested – we install in Gauteng, Tshwane and  Vaal Triangle

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