Solar Farming

Solar Farming

Green Building Africa specialises in solar farm development
and its associated infrastructure.



We offer a complete turnkey solar farm solution to for large scale renewable energy roll out by governments or medium size customised energy needs for production purposes. While we are based in South Africa, we develop projects in all major African countries including remote areas offering full integration to existing grid or plant.

Traditionally, in Africa, solar farm development and construction has been carried out by foreign owned companies who are incentivised by their relevant governments. Foreign labour and components are used with the profits been repatriated to their respective countries. We strive for majority local shareholding in our projects, inviting institutions like state run pension funds to be equity partners.

Our business model encourages local ownership right through the component value chain, ensuring that profits are ploughed back into the local economy. Specifically our business contract includes the following:

  • Registration as an Independent Power Producer in with the associated regulator.
  • Land identification and lease securement.
  • Full turnkey solar farm development service for the construction of grid tied and off-grid solar farms ranging from 1Megawatt to 100Megawatt plus in size. This includes environmental and social impact assessment plus full scope financial modelling.
  • Established relationships with various Seed, Grant, Equity and Debt Funders for solar farm projects.
  • Established relations with large international Independent Power Producers and Tier 1 technology providers.
  • The GBA team and our appointed EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) partner’s bring technical know-how plus experience with a successful track record of PV installations from small scale facilities to large farms.

In South Africa we have a 75MW solar farm registered and under development in Northern Kwazulu Natal plus a 50MW solar farm under development in Mpumalanga. We have multiple projects under development in three other countries through our direct association with:


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