It is World Water Day Today!

March 22 is a day dedicated to water. World Water Day was established during the Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 to raise awareness of the importance of this fascinating element that requires our protection.

As a global company and leading manufacturer of showers, shower systems, bathroom and kitchen taps, and kitchen sinks, Hansgrohe has an economic and emotional connection with water. With its taps, showers, and shower systems, the Hansgrohe Group gives water form and function.

Rethinking Water

Working with renowned architects and designers all over the world, Hansgrohe is always on the lookout for new concepts for using water. “The bathroom and kitchen continue to evolve and have long been a part of residential architecture,” says Hans Jürgen Kalmbach, Chairman of the Executive Board. Water plays a key role in both rooms. Hansgrohe aims to give people the opportunity to meet the beauty of water each and every day.

Pioneer in Conserving Water

Hansgrohe has been producing water and energy-saving products since the 1980s and is one of the first companies in the sanitation industry to do so. Efficiency technologies such as EcoSmart, AirPower, and CoolStart reduce consumption and thus save water and energy on a daily basis – without compromising on design or ease of use.

AirPower enriches water with air, making each drop feel full and soft and increasing shower enjoyment and water efficiency. EcoSmart taps and showers use up to 60 percent less water than conventional ones. CoolStart technology keeps water cold if the handle is in the middle position.

With standard taps on the other hand, the continuous flow heater or circulation pump starts up immediately when the handle is in the middle position.

Environmental Protection Is an Ongoing Process

Hansgrohe is dedicated to sustainable business, consistently managing its operations with a focus on the environment and actively engaging in social discourse. “Sustainable and responsible behavior is more than a matter of course in the Hansgrohe Group. It’s also what makes us who we are,” says Hans Jürgen Kalmbach, Chairman of the Executive Board.

Particularly in the manufacturing process, the bathroom and kitchen specialists avoid using water, energy, and materials unnecessarily. Ideas for improvement are always welcome, as environmental protection is an ongoing process. Hansgrohe employees provide valuable ideas on a regular basis – for instance, during shop floor meetings with the Executive Board. This allows Hansgrohe to increase raw material and energy efficiency throughout the company and reduce waste and harmful environmental effects.

Happy World Water Day!

Author: GBA News Desk

Source: Hansgrohe

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