GE Renewable Energy Announces 6MW Onshore Wind Turbine

  • GE Renewable Energy has unveiled its Cypress 6.0-164 onshore wind turbine.
  • The latest turbine in the Cypress platform increases annual energy production by up to 11% over the company’s 5.3-158 model.
  • The new model features a two-piece blade to maintain flexible logistic solutions.
  • The new turbine model is expected to be in the field by 2022

GE Renewable Energy has introduced the 6.0-164 version of its Cypress onshore wind turbine platform, making it the company’s most powerful onshore wind turbine available.The 6.0-164 turbine will increase Annual Energy Production (AEP) by up to 11% over the 5.3-158 model.

Like the other products in the Cypress platform, the 6.0-164 features a proprietary two-piece blade that improves logistics and drives costs down. Each 6.0-164 turbine will produce enough electricity to power approximately 5,800 European households. The model will be in the field by 2022.

Cypress 6.0-164 onshore wind turbine. Image credit: GE Renewable Energy

Peter Wells, CEO GE Onshore Wind Europe, GE Renewable Energy, said, “The Cypress platform is already providing our customers the ability to lower the cost of onshore wind and gain added flexibility in siting turbines.  This latest product in the platform will help them drive additional growth of clean, renewable wind power across Europe and beyond.”

The new model is designed with services in mind, facilitating up-tower repairs and featuring condition-based predictive services that will improve return-to-service and uptime, while lowering lifecycle costs.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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