Comoros tenders for consultancy services for Solar Energy Access Project

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  • The Government of the Union of Comoros has received funding from the World Bank to cover the cost of the Comoros Solar Energy Access Project and intends to allocate a portion of the proceeds to consultancy services.

The consultancy services (“the Services”) include assistance to the Project Executing Agency (PEA) during the phases of preparation of design plans and detailed pre-project documents, procurement, control and monitoring of works, operation and maintenance on the activities of the following four sub-projects in order to achieve the objectives of the overall project, namely “ensuring the stability of the electrical system, reducing breakdowns and improving the overall quality of electricity supply with a better balance between supply and demand”:

  • Sub-project 1: Construction with operation and maintenance for three years of power plants with a capacity of 9 MWp of PV distributed over Grande Comores (6 MW), Anjouan (2 MW) and Mohéli (1 MW) and autonomous storage installations by battery on Grande Comores (15 MWh), on Anjouan (3MWh), and on Mohéli (1MWh)  ;
  • Sub-project 2: Rehabilitation, strengthening and automation work on SONELEC electricity distribution networks
  • Sub-project 3: Implementation of a dispatching center for SONELEC electrical systems as well as training on their operation.
  • Sub-project 4: Installation of public lighting in the town of Moroni powered by solar energy

The Consultant will perform the functions of “Consulting Engineer or Employer’s Representative” within the meaning of the FIDIC Contract.

The implementation period is four years and the expected start date of benefits is March 1, 2024.

Link to the tender documents HERE

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Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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