Building Your Dream Bathroom?

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hansgrohe and AXOR’s collections of bathroom fittings feature a wide range of luxuriously classic and avant-garde design options to make your dream bathroom a reality. Whether you’re building it from the ground up or are renovating, the hansgrohe and AXOR teams are here to help. Here are a few pointers to help bring your perfect bathroom to life.

  1. Consider the practicalities

When imagining your dream bathroom, it’s always important to consider who will be using it. Is it going to be a relaxing space just for you or a shared family bathroom? Think as practically as possible about the dimensions of the space. While you may really want that giant spa bath, can the space actually accommodate it without becoming cramped? An en-suite bathroom is generally laid out differently to a family one. Where might you place all your elements for the most practical use of the space? A bathroom is also a long-term investment. So, forward thinking is key. If your family is likely to grow, the bathroom may be used by more than just one or two people in the years ahead.

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  1. What elements need to be included?

This simple product checklist will help when discussing your options with your architect or bathroom expert:

  • Single or double wash basin?
  • Shower – hand shower or overhead?
  • Bath/shower combination?
  • Bath?
  • Whirlpool?
  • Toilet?
  • Bidet?
  • Urinal?
  • Cupboards?
  • Mirror?
  • Washing machine or other appliances?
  • Heating?
  • Lighting?
  • Towel rails
  1. What is your vision for design?

A great place to start with design ideas is to browse the web or design magazines for some inspiration while not forgetting the practicalities. You’ll also find a few ideas on the hansgrohe Inspiration Page. Use this checklist to help simplify your choices:

  • Bathroom type – New or renovation?
  • Bathroom size
  • Your preferred style – classic or avant-garde?
  • Your preferred colour scheme and material(s)?

Image credit: hansgrohe

  1. Are you using sustainable products?

Have you thought about saving water? hansgrohe’s EcoSmart range cuts down on water and energy usage without compromising on flow. EcoSmart showers and taps consume up to 60% less water and lower hot water consumption also means reduced energy usage. This can both cut down on your carbon emissions and save costs dramatically, bringing form and function together to create a truly sustainable, long-term solution.

  1. What is the bottom line?

Budget, of course, is rarely limitless. Before you begin creating your bathroom, try to come up with a shopping list of the ideal fittings, finishes and products you would like to include, based on the budget you have set aside. It’s easy to lose track of the budget if it hasn’t been mapped out on paper or a spreadsheet beforehand.

With hansgrohe and AXOR’s variety of design options, there are products to suit any bathroom, in modern or classic styles for just about any taste. Boost your aesthetic with sustainable design choices that will stand the test of time. And for a more comprehensive bathroom design checklist, click here.

hansgrohe – sustainable by design!

Author: GBA News Desk

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