BEKA Schréder’s lighting control solution, Schréder ITERRA, is suitable for all industrial and large area applications

  • BEKA Schréder’s lighting control solution, Schréder ITERRA offers site managers a robust, cost-effective and future-proof platform to run their infrastructure with the utmost flexibility for adapting the lighting to any scenario or activity while maximising energy savings and providing the best experience for employees, visitors and managers.


No unnecessary cabling, no PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), no complicated commissioning process. Schréder ITERRA is the 100% wireless control system for indoor and outdoor industrial facilities and large areas. Based on a BluetoothTM mesh network, it offers a real plug-and-play solution able to control all luminaires and floodlights using standard DALI, DALI-2 or 0-10V/1-10V protocols.


A mobile app-based system, Schréder ITERRA is very easy to operate with a tablet or smartphone. It comes with an intuitive visual interface that users can quickly personalise to the layout and settings of their lighting installation. Through differentiated user rights, managers can decide on access to system features and lighting scenarios according to the profile of the individual.

With Schréder ITERRA, it is easy to provide the right light (light distribution, intensity and colour temperature) at any time to energise workers while ensuring safety, accuracy and visual comfort.


Although the Schréder ITERRA control solution is extremely user-friendly, it is based on state-of-the-art, efficient technologies to offer maximum flexibility and savings for a quick return on investment. As an ecosystem based on leading industry standards, it ensures compatibility with future developments and extensions. Firmware updates are automatically supported by the application. Schréder ITERRA is a must-have for managers who want to maximise the benefits with the utmost peace of mind.


  • Dimming the light to the right level
  • Adapting light colour temperature
  • Grouping luminaires in clusters
  • Creating programmed lighting scenarios
  • Programming lighting animations
  • Defining calendar-based triggers
  • Integrating photocells to harvest daylight
  • Integrating sensors for light-on-demand scenarios
  • Controlling from the mobile App, a switch or a remote
  • Managing access rights

Schréder ITERRA is suitable for all industrial and large area applications, such as access roads, car parks, manufacturing plants, laboratories, warehouses, distribution centres, shipping areas, loading bays, waste treatment plants, meeting and conference rooms, and offices.

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Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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