Water Spouts, Taps & Shower Heads

Regulating Water Supply

Regulating industrial water supply to suite required demand for a particular application will significantly reduce overall water consumption. Factory water consumption, water use for personal cleaning in factories and water used in production processes can be reduced by at least half by installing low flow taps, low flow shower spouts and customised industrial  on-demand water cleaning applications.

For example, just by installing low flow showerheads will reduce water consumption by around 50-70%, bringing the shower flow down to 6-9 litres a minute from 15 litres, without compromising on water pressure. For an average shower length of 8 minutes this can save 60 litres of water. There is also the added benefit of corresponding energy and carbon savings.

What You Need To Know:

There are many styles and features available, including flow-adjusting dials and a pause button for breaks

Low-flow showerheads and taps are simple to install to existing plumbing

Payback period for shower heads is around 6 months or less depending on the cost of your shower head. The payback period for taps is considerably longer because less water passes through taps and the unit cost for taps is higher in comparison

Tap aerators can be installed to your existing taps instead of replacing the entire tap. Most modern tap spouts (faucet) are threaded to accept aerators

Industrial water use in the production process can be significantly reduced if set to supply ‘just enough’ without compromising on quality. Variable and/or custom settings options to regulate the amount of water, water pressure and size of coverage will reduce wastage and overall costs

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