Heat Pumps

Industrial Heat Pumps

Industrial heat pumps can be installed to improve the economic performance of your existing factory heating or cooling needs. A heat pump is essentially an air-conditioner operating in reverse. When used for heating, a heat pump, in effect replaces the current geyser’s electrical element as an alternative source of water heating. The system employs an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser, refrigerant gas, and an expansion valve as its main components, forming a closed heating circuit.

What You Need To Know:

A heat pump uses ambient air to operate causing no air pollution

Geyser temperatures should be set to a maximum of 60 degrees to ensure optimal economy

A 70% reduction in energy savings for heating water

Most suppliers offer a 5 year warranty

A hybrid system is available which works in conjunction with a Solar water heating system yielding 90% electricity efficiency

A heat pump is typically installed to an outside wall

A new geyser will cost you anything from R2500.00 upwards depending on size

Payback period is between 18-24 months

The system usually has a ten year lifespan

Very little noise emitted in operation

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