Flourescent Tube Lighting

Useful For High Use Areas

It is recommended that fluorescent tube lighting be used in the factory environment because they use roughly a quarter of the power that incandescent bulbs require to produce the same amount of light. These fluorescent lamps have significant potential to reduce energy usage in commercial and industrial buildings. They also emit less heat. Fluorescent tubes are typically installed in areas of high use like above production lines, work benches and factory road ways or paths.

When assessing suitability of a product or installation, the factory owner/manager must make a qualified assessment and if necessary, take appropriate advice.

What You Need To Know:

A variety of fluorescent tubes are available and care should be taken that the most appropriate ones are installed for your specific application

T5 fluorescent tubes are the most efficient, however significantly more expensive than T8s

With the right lighting cover, fluorescent tube lighting can be aesthetically pleasing and safe

Led tubes are set to replace fluorescent tubes going forward but remain significantly more expensive than fluorescent tubes for now

Make sure that the luminaire(tube) bears the SANS 60598-2-1 safety mark for extra surety

Florescent lighting tubes offers a 50% saving

The approved Eskom electrician, who does the installation, assumes other legal responsibilities from the original equipment manufacturer and has an obligation to ensure compliance with relevant statutory safety, performance and energy requirements. It is thus very important to use an approved installer to ensure proper recourse

Rebates? Yes, Eskom considers rebates on fluorescent tube lighting kits (retrofit kits with integrated ballast replacing external ballast transformer ) that comply with safety requirements. They must also be properly labelled with detailed product information clearly and permanently printed on the outside. Lastly, they must be installed by an approved electrician.

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