Pools Blankets

Pool Blankets/ Solar cover

Installing a solar pool blanket is a cost effective way to increase you pool temperature during the day and reduce temperature loss at night time. Suppliers will custom fit the blanket with a roll up station for easy storage when pool is in use

What you should know:

  • Pool covers save electricity and save water
  • A water temperature increased between 5 to 7 degrees C is achievable depending on the depth and position of pool in relation to sun light exposure.
  • Payback – about 18 months
  • Thermal pool covers – or thermal blankets as they are also called do both plus they also heat up the water
  • Water evaporation is minimized (reduces the need to top up your pool)
  • Reduces chemical costs
  • Reduces pool pump working hours – less maintenance/pool cleaning
  • Reduces amount of debris and insects entering the pool
  • Light weight – easy to handle
  • The roll up station can restrict pool access depending on location.
  • Colour options are available
  • Automated covers are offered


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