Elevators (Lifts), Escalators and Automatic Doors

Elevators (Lifts), Escalators and Automatic Doors

Elevators (Lifts), Escalators and Automatic doors make traveling inside your hotel safe, hassle free and comfortable for your guests. Unfortunately these features can use a vast amount of electricity if your hotel experiences high volumes of pedestrian traffic. It makes sense to consider energy and eco-friendly solutions to these three features either as a retrofit or when designing a new hotel. Not only will you lower your carbon footprint and dramatically reduce your energy bill but your guests will have the satisfaction that the hotel they have chosen is conscious of the environment.

Most countries nowadays specify certain regulatory requirements for new buildings. Elevators and Escalators present in buildings are usually included in such regulatory requirements. In addition, if you are seeking Green Star, LEED or any other building rating accreditation for your hotel, then the ‘moving people’ solution in the form of Elevators, Escalators and Automated Doors for your building must comply to the specific standards set.

There are a number of very well established suppliers who offer contemporary customised products to suite your specific buildings Elevators (Lifts), Escalators and Automatic Door requirements. Choose a brand that you are familiar with, this will provide you with peace of mind in terms of safety, reliability and maintenance.

Useful information:

  • Simple modification of old systems can go a long way in improving performance, safety and aesthetics.
  • Specify energy efficient LED lighting for control panel and interior lighting.
  • The big buz word is re-generative drive which recovers approximately 20-35% of energy used when deployed in elevators and escalators. Specify it when upgrading or installing a new system, it’s a keeper when it comes to saving electricity.
  • Pre-determine the ‘right size rides’ your hotel will need to ensure that occupants move around the building safely and smoothly. The amount of expected traffic will determine the optimal size. Too small and your elevators and escalators will be over filled, over used and prone to high maintenance costs and breakdowns. Too big and you will be compromising on space and efficient energy use.
  • Some suppliers offer sophisticated traffic optimisation solutions which reduce the number of elevators or escalators required at any given time or slow their speed during low peak periods.
  • Standby options regulated by sensors or pre-determined traffic patterns further improve energy consumption in elevators and escalators.
  • Automated Doors are sensor-controlled which must monitor and react to pedestrian traffic as well as building temperature (inside and out). Regulation of the opening width (in wide doors) and opening times will make a significant impact on a buildings energy use in terms of heating and cooling.
  • Make sure the system fits the overall design theme of your hotel.
  • Don’t compromise on maintenance – not only will you expose your guests to injury but you may also incur higher energy costs.


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